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Support the Restoration of Carleton Villa



Your engagement is critical to the success of our efforts to restore Carleton Villa. Public support throughout the governmental approval process is greatly appreciated and has a substantial impact on the decisions being made.


Please take a moment to express your support for this proposed project. Your support will be shared with the Town of Cape Vincent.


Thank you for helping make this vision a reality.


Support the restoration plans for Carleton Villa and the numerous benefits that it will provide to Cape Vincent and St. Lawrence River Community

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What People Are Saying


“A restored Wyckoff villa has the potential of becoming a major attraction for a large contingent of an appreciable demographic population. Many of us are already anticipating the day when we can visit the Wyckoff villa by boat launched from an interesting and supportive Cape Vincent community.”

- M. William Wyckoff


The success of the Carlton Vila project will undoubtedly contribute to the cultural and economic vitality of Cape Vincent. It will not only safeguard a piece of our history but will also serve as a beacon of community pride and a potential catalyst for further heritage-led developments within the area.

- Julian Saturno


“We feel our special community will benefit greatly from this revitalization in so many ways. Jobs, tourism, and most importantly, bringing our past history to life, not only for this generation but for future generations to come.”

- Julie and Woody Rogers


“As a person having deep ties to the Cape Vincent area, I look forward to seeing this progress and visiting again.”

- Matt Constance


“The sheer magnitude of this project and the fact that Mr. Clapp is willing to put time, effort and money into this is a clear indication of his devotion to this project. He has made it a point to immerse himself into the community, keeping residents' concerns in mind and making changes to align with what is its best interest. Employing as many of the local community as possible is also a win.”

- Cathleen Nigro


I honestly cannot imagine there being any opposition to the GRAND renovation and restoration of such a jewel of the 1000 Islands. To let it sit and rot is as bad of a tragedy it was when GE was going to tear it down, letting the Villa get stripped bare leaving the historical Villa to the elements.

- Mike Burke


I would certainly appreciate a stay at Carleton Villa, to relive a period of time that is gone, but I appreciate the historical saving of this place. Too often we see places being torn down and not preserved.

- Nancy Keziah


My full support goes to Mr. Clapp, and his endeavors to restore this beautiful Villa, and the area around it.

- Meg Meyer


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